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Eat, Drink, Be Married

On 11.2.13 my husband and I were married. Not only did we say our vows and become Mr. and Mrs. Cahill, we literally celebrated with the Boston Red Sox as our wedding party was caught in the championship parade. No amount of wedding planning can prepare you for a city wide parade as you and your groom, family, and friends try to make it to the church on time. Against tradition, Matt and I opted to see each other before the church to do some of our photos together. As we had our "First Look" on the 15th floor of our reception venue, the Wyndham Hotel, the Red Sox duckboat parade was turning the corner onto Blossom St. Next as we departed the hotel lobby, we were met with cheers, high fives, fist pumps, and a lot of attention from the players, their wives, and the Red Sox organization. Next we know, a Boston police officer lifted the barricade so we could walk along the parade route WITH the duckboats.

Riding high on adrenaline and sheer happiness, our entire bridal party and family continued our walk to the trolleys (which were half a mile away due to road closures) Incredibly, we made it to the church on time and had a beautiful ceremony, fun reception, and lifelong memories. The following day we had 3 TV interviews with local networks as we prepared and packed for our honeymoon. Ten amazing days in Costa Rica, which consisted of fun in the sun, a try at surfing, and not to mention incredible food & drinks, we decided somewhere along the way we would come home and focus our energies on our next chapter: eat/drink/be merry and married in as many Boston bars and restaurants. We will aim for a different and new (to us) establishment every week or so. These are our stops along the way!

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