First Post from the NICU

We have started this page to update our awesome friends and family. It's been overwhelming to keep everyone posted so here is a venue where all can get the same information. Below is a letter we wrote to our son Ben. It sets the tone for how this journey all began: Ben, Happy one day after your birthday! Saturday October 18th, 2014 at 2:02pm you were born 6.7lbs, 20.5 inches of perfection. Mom and Dad checked into the hospital Thursday and I took a pill to start labor. Then we went to Bar Louie for a big cheese burger! We love going out to eat at new places! That night we slept at home. Your furry siblings, Charlie and Lucy could sense something good was about to happen.They followed me in/out of the bathroom and up/down the stairs! Friday we went back to the hospital and at 8pm started a IV medicine called Pitocin to really progress the labor. My tummy hurt so I had an epidural placed. Fast forward to the following day at 1pm, we were ready to push! Nurse Michelle and Coach Dad were excellent in helping me focus. Dr Olson said it could take up to 4 hours, but I was so excited, we were done in an hour! Dad fed me ice chips and I played some songs on my iPhone including Taylor Swift, Beyonce, and Passion Pit lol. It was a very empowering hour. I felt so strong helping you into the world. I just couldn't wait to meet you.

No offense here, but I had been convinced most of my pregnancy that you were a girl. When you came out, Dad exclaimed "Its a boy!" and I sat up and said "Whaaattt?!" then started laughing then crying tears of happiness. I was so happy it was you. We named you Benjamin Thomas. You share Papa Mike's birthday. He's the best. Wonderful day to be born. Ironically he lost a son, named Benjamin soon after birth. Michael Jr was a twin but they didn't know it until delivery. We have long loved the name Ben. It means "Son of the right hand" which is true, Dad is a rightie. It's a very strong name. And Thomas is after your Papa Tom, his father, and it's Dad's middle name. That's 4 generations with the name Thomas in it! After birth, Dad and I were given an hour of skin to skin with you. It will forever be the most precious hour of my life. You laid on my chest, snug as a bug in a rug. So warm. You were so sweet and gentle. You loved touching your face with your hands. You were so alert, wide awake, looking at me and Dad. We were just in awe of how perfect you were. Oh and we couldn't believe your hair is blonde! Where did it come from? I guess Dad was blonde-ish when he was little too. We will find the picture to prove it. You have a perfect little nose and beautiful eyes. I loved rubbing my fingers up and down your back and arms. Dad held you on his chest too wrapped up in a warm blanket. My two favorite boys in the world. Next, we transferred to Floor 10. Your blood sugar was a little low which warranted the NICU to take care of your for the timebeing. We await for you to be in our loving arms again. You are our most precious gift Ben. We love you so much. We know you'll be home soon. Stay strong. You're the coolest little dudeman we know and we can't wait to hang out with you. Love, Mom & Dad