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We are HOME!! Wow, what a difference 365 days can make. A year ago it was 65 degrees, a beautiful sunny day as we headed to the church in Charlestown to say "I Do" when we got swept up in the Red Sox parade! Today it was a blustery snowy day and we have a beautiful son we were finally able to bring home after 2 weeks of BWH NICU. The very best anniversary gift we will EVER receive. November 2nd will be a day we always always remember with the best of memories. We had the most kindest Irish nurse today named Lillian who together with Ben's primary nurses Mel and Diane got him all set for home. We said our goodbyes to Dr Manning and our other NICU family friends and off we went. Ben did great in the car. He was in a milk coma and slept through it all. At home my in-laws had hung up baby boy balloons outside our apartment building- a nice way to welcome us back. The oxygen is all set up at home with plenty of tubing to reach all around our place. The dogs were SO good when we first came in. Lots of curiosity and sniffing but they were both gentle and calm. As I write this, all 5 of us are chillin on the bed. Matt is "kangarooing" (skin to skin) with Ben and the dogs are both curled up sleeping next to me. My parents came over shortly after too and for the first time since Ben's birth we were all together and RELAXED! The normalcy felt so wonderful, the conversation light, and just so much love in the room for little Benjamin. We took a ridiculous selfie I'll post in the photos page. They all left before the Patriots came on. We fed Ben, and put him in his crib/nursery for the first time. I napped while Matt watched the game. We will have close follow up this week. I pray Ben's repeat ECHO and cardiology appointment in a week will be so good they'll take us off the oxygen all together. We will see. In the meantime I am so happy to have him at our disposal, feed when he's hungry, snuggle when we can, and just be together as a family. This is the "good stuff" in life as one of my dear patients I cared for referred to once about parenting. Looking forward to those mid-60s temps this week and strolling around the neighborhood! Thank you for all the prayers and support to us these past 2 weeks. It made the world of a difference.

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