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This stuff matters

As a nurse and mom, I'm so glad this is being talked about. The following were published by major news networks THIS WEEK alone about personal care products. Click link to read the article.

• TIME - "The Hidden Dangers of Makeup and Shampoo" • Fortune - "That Moisturizer You're Slathering on Your Face Isn't Regulated" • NPR - "More Health Problems Reported With Hair And Skin Care Products" • CBS News - "Increasing Reports of Side Effects From Cosmetics" • CNN - "More Health Problems Reported From Cosmetics" • ABC News - "Cosmetic Complaints On The Rise Amid Calls For Better Reporting To the FDA"

It's trending. It's getting well deserved attention. The lack of regulation in our personal care products industry is astounding. For comparison, the US bans 30 known harmful ingredients. This is recently up from 11. Europe bans 1400. Canada bans 500. These ingredients are linked to human health issues such as inflammation, allergies, endocrine and hormone disruption, and even carcinogens. Our skin is our LARGEST organ after all. What you put on it, you absorb into your blood stream.

Hopefully, fingers crossed, changes will be made soon with the Personal Care Safety Act and even then we have a long way to go. The bill was introduced in 2015 and will hopefully be brought to the floor again soon. It will require cosmetics companies to register their facilities with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and to submit cosmetic ingredient statements that include the amounts of a cosmetic's ingredients. Currently, companies are not required to disclose full transparency. Also, the FDA must review the safety of at least five cosmetic ingredients each year, and establish conditions for safe use of an ingredient, including a limit on the amount of the ingredient or a requirement for a warning label. While 5 a year is not many, it's better than zero. The problem is lack of funding as detailed in the articles above.

As a mom, I want to know exactly what I am slathering on my son which is why I cross check our products on and only use brands that are safe and transparent. Beautycounter has simplified this in the skin care and makeup department allowing peace of mind and one stop shopping. We have also made an effort to switch to safer laundry and cleaning products, bug spray, candles, and the like. As the title of this blog states, this stuff matters, which is why I feel so passionate about the mission of Beautycounter and other reputable brands who are looking to counter the beauty industry.

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