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NH Children's Museum

On Saturday we enjoyed a rare family day with no plans, no work shifts, no therapy. We love the Children's Museum of NH for a day outing. It's the perfect size. Plenty of fun hands-on exhibits but not too overwhelming or crowded. They also have a brand new outdoor playground and splash pad. Plus, it's a nice destination day trip to grab a local bite afterwards in Dover or Portsmouth. Last July, we went to the museum as one of Ben's first outings with the gait trainer. It was super exciting at that time to see Ben outside home or physical therapy office to interact with his environment in a whole new way. It was a full circle moment this year seeing Ben on his own two feet this time navigating around. he's slowly but surely coming out of his shell with interacting- to see him put his hands into the dinosaur sand exhibit is huge! They also have special Autism hours on the first Sunday of each month, 10-12opm, which I found pretty impressive. We'll have to try it next time.

Afterwards we grabbed a bite at The Farm- which is a great family owned restaurant right on the river. We love their original location in Essex, MA too. First we were going to try Turnip the Beet which is a whole foods based restaurant inspired by the owner's own Whole30 experience. They were closed for the holiday weekend but I look forward to trying it next time! Dining out Whole30 can be a little challenging. Luckily, the Farm offered plenty of options. I want with the best of the sea and land with scallops and steak tips and veggies.

Happy 4th of July weekend! Benjamin has surely gotten his fill this weekend of fun and sun with his 4th day in a row of pool time. Matt is on pool duty today with our little waterbug while I enjoy the time and half and AC at Brigham this holiday weekend.

Below are some before/after pictures of our visits.


Benjamin (1 year 9 months) July 2016 in his gait trainer, Toms, and baby curls.

Music man

Giggles with mama, unable to bear weight at this time.


Family selfie. Benjamin 2 years, 9 months.

That same drum kit, 1 year later.

Digging in.

Day 6, July Whole 30 Lunch.

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