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Float Therapy

For starters: I have no affiliation with Balans. This is not a paid post. Just sharing my honest, authentic experience. :)

Today I had the unique experience of my first “float therapy” at Balans Organic Spa . Thanks to a tip from my friend Keri who featured it on Gilt City, Dear Husband (aka me) purchased it as my Mother’s Day gift and I finally was able to use it. (Side note: Thank you Balans for honoring my expired vouched. Signed, one busy special needs mom who rarely gets out.)

What is “float therapy”? Frankly, it’s nothing new. Epsom salt baths have been around for ages. In 2010 when training for the Boston Marathon, I was advised to try one after some serious muscle soreness. I dumped a cup into my bath and felt like I legitimately got a leg transplant after-- it was that good.

Many women are Magnesium deficient. An epsom salt bath is a great way to readily absorb it. Since your skin is your largest organ (covering 90% surface area) it’s a great way get Magnesium in. Magnesium is a critical mineral responsible for a variety of functions in our nervous and cardiovascular systems. It can relieve muscle soreness, joint aches, and pains. It’s also very calming to our neuro system. Most nights, I have a cup of tea with a scoop of Natural Calm for the same reasons. It’s a nice nightly routine before sleep.

The spa is gorgeous. Situated on Boston’s Newbury Street on the second floor, with lots of natural light. The flotation suites are completely private and spacious. First, you shower using organic skin and hair care products from the Maria Ackerman line, made in Sweden. Then step into the float tub which is filled with 10 inches of body temperature water, with 35% salt content. It’s like your own personal Dead Sea. Relaxing music is piped in. With the lights off and just a gentle Himalyan salt lamp on it's very relaxing. And then you simply float, for 60 minutes. Yes, 60 minutes of absolute relaxation. How rare and awesome it is to be disconnected, without distraction, in a very comfortable and serene environment.

It’s interesting, because of the salinity of the water, your limbs just go limp, and stay afloat. At first, my memory jogged to floating in the ocean at Hampton Beach as a kid. The effortless buoyancy of floating reminded me of childhood, a joyful memory. Some fall asleep. I just enjoyed the destressing experience of letting my body float and my mind wander, without plan or agenda. I focused on some deep breathing and letting go and before I knew it, the hour was up. Afterwards, I felt refreshed and calm. In a go-go society, where everything is moving so very fast from one thing to the next, it was nice to be slowed down. Many report floating helps with stress, chronic pains, muscle soreness, but also a way to let the mind reboot, increasing creativity, mood, and focus after. One person noted they compared the float tub to an “adult womb” which I thought was an interesting and primitive analogy.

After my float, I enjoyed a very thorough facial with their practitioner Laila. She was wonderful both in practice and also her kind personality. My skin was literally glowing afterwards. It was a morning well spent and an absolute treat to schedule in some self-care which often times, we aren’t so great at doing. Thank you to Balans for this most enjoyable experience! Safe for pregnant women too, a gift of “float therapy” to the special person in your life, male or female, would be a great unique gift for anyone in need of some mind/body restoration.


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