I am back and happy to share this milestone.

“Hello...it’s me” -sung to the melody of the Adele song.

Goodness gracious. I have been missing here. It’s been a month since my last blog series on Budgeting (Parts 1 & 2) Still going strong and couldn’t be happier about it. Life is so wonderfully FULL right now. I don’t want to say the word “busy” as I can’t stand when people say that phrase. It just feels like an excuse. Truthfully though, between adjusting back to work full-time, Benjamin starting preschool, and my growing Beautycounter business, my blog took a back seat. It is ALL such good stuff!

A few months ago I shared a reflection on my 10th year at the Brigham and my 1st year with Beautycounter here. This past month I achieved a milestone within Beautycounter I truly hadn’t imagined. I achieved the Director level within the company. Truthfully, I know that doesn’t mean much to most, but nonetheless I am proud.

First, I could not have done this without YOU- my loyal friends and family who have heard me out since I started with Beautycounter. Thank you. Secondly, I had two friends, both loyal clients who become Consultants on my team. As luck would have it, they are both nurses too! I truly feel as nurses we have the perfect voice for this movement, educating and advocating our circles the need for safer.

This past Wednesday was our monthly Boston meeting. While I knew I would get recognized for achieving Director, I was surprised to reach another milestone. Of everyone present in our greater Boston team, I had the most “Personal Volume” in sales. Again, this likely doesn’t mean much to most, but wow, was I humbly surprised. I was far from the loudest person in that room. I don’t have a bounding team. I have zero sales experience and I didn’t go to business school. But I am passionate, and again I have great friends and family who have listened to the mission and made healthier changes for their families. I share this not to brag, but to reiterate that the business opportunity is truly there for anyone who believes in the mission.

As we head into 2018, timing is truly on our side. We are at the fastest growing segment of the consumer marketplace. The two fastest growing areas of commerce right now are 1) Health and Wellness and 2) Cleaner Safer Products. We are literally at that intersection and what a great place to be.

Research shows that 80% of Americans are unaware of the questionable ingredients in their everyday products. Proof that there is so much work to do! As consumers become more educated on how and where to spend their money, we are empowering them with knowledge that goes WELL beyond a product.

It is a greater mission and here’s why:

  1. We educate. Again, knowledge is power. As a nurse and mother, I have the opportunity to share WHY using safer products matter. WHY you should avoid parabens and phalates on your children’s skin. WHY these small changes can have big impacts on our everyday toxic load.

  2. We provide a solution. We use commerice as an engine for change and provide a high performing skincare line, safe for the whole family. We adhere to banning over 1500 questionable ingredients. Far more than than what the US currently bans which is 30. We haven’t had a major legislation update since 1938 which brings me to my next point..

  3. We advocate. I can’t think of another company that is so invested in advancing health protective laws for ALL of us. Again this year, we will be heading to the Senate floor in D.C. to advocate for the upcoming Personal Care Safety Act. The nerd in me just loves this! Stay tuned for an upcoming New York Times piece on this.

  4. We provide an Opportunity. Our distribution model empowers women and men through peer to peer selling to create economic opportunities for their families, while making a significant social impact. Again, we are shifting this industry for the better, and safer!

All of this being said, I feel so fortunate for this past year of personal and professional growth. As I write this post tonight, another nurse friend at the Brigham joined my team. I am thrilled to welcome Katie and launch her successfully in the new year. I would love to open this opportunity to anyone else who this resonates with. Thank you, thank you again for listening.

Always passionate,


Pictured here the other night with my friend and mentor Jordan. Yes, this was the outfit for my promotion, blue scrubs lol!