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Whole30 Certified Coach!

It seems odd to share other news right now re: the whole Covid situation but I’m very proud to share this.

Last year I did a thing: I completed the Whole30 Certified Coach program! Finally! It only took me a year to get my ducks in a row and complete all 4 testing tracks. I'm proud to share my personal perspective as a nurse, mom, and as someone who has ran the "Windham Whole30" group for 3 years now.

One of my first blog posts on this website was "My Why" for doing my first Whole30, and that is my son Benjamin! Whole30 was the cornerstone from so many other positive changes in my life as you guys know. Please stay tuned as I will announce my first group soon. Hint, this one will be for all my friends who identify as special needs parents. It will launch May 4th! *insert corny "May the Force" be with you joke*

The picture from my Coaching Bio is from the time I found myself at rock bottom. I was burning the candle on both ends, working night shift, and eating a standard American diet. My breakfast was most often a white bagel with cream cheese for breakfast. Soon after I finally learned the power of how food and how it makes me FEEL.

You can find my official Whole30 website here or read my Bio right here:

Hi! I’m Stephanie Cahill, R.N. I live in Windham, NH with my family and dog. I’m a proud special needs mom, an oncology nurse, and a cleaner lifestyle enthusiast. After leading a local group and experiencing 4 rounds of Whole30 myself, I felt called to become a Certified Coach. I aim to empower special needs parents in particular. I found Whole30 when I was burning the candle on both ends to care for my son with significant needs. My husband and I teamed up to do a Whole30 together and found improved energy levels, mood, quality of sleep, and way more confidence in the kitchen. In addition to coaching about the food piece, I weave in elements of self-care and growth mindset tools to help families function at their best. As a nurse and a mom, I enjoy helping others and I feel Whole30 coaching is an extension of that passion. I share on Instagram @cleanerstephanie and on my blog at

Thank you as always to my friends, loyal Windham Whole30 group, and my family for supporting me along the way!

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