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Whole30 May 2020

It's been a long time since I've done an introduction here so here goes!

I’m Stephanie, a proud special needs mom, and oncology nurse. I've been sharing my health journey on Instagram @cleanerstephanie for 8 years, aka the Instagram Dark Ages and 3 years ago I launched this blog. One area of this journey has been food. I found the Whole30 Reset 3 years ago when I was burning the candle at both ends as a parent. The Whole30 helped me reset my relationship with food, boost energy levels, and strengthened my mental health. Bonus: Matt got super into cooking too. #nonscalevictory

After 4 rounds of Whole30 and running an active group on Facebook, I became a Certified Coach last year. My entire why for becoming a Coach was to potentially help parents like me.

This group will be opened to any friend, caregiver, or family member of a child with special or higher needs.

There will be a strong component of self-care woven in as well. It starts with food (the Whole30 Reset) but we will be learning other tools and mindset shifts too. Think meditation, energy work, restorative yoga, and more. Details of my group are below. If you feel so called to share this with someone who could benefit I would really appreciate it. Strength in numbers, let's do this! My group launches April 27th for prep, with Day 1 officially beginning on May 4th! Included: - Whole30 Day by Day Book - 6 weeks of coaching

- strong emphasis on self-care - weekly Zoom Calls - private Facebook group - exclusive giveaways & discounts - accountability and motivation - community and connection

Why do a Whole30 now? Well, this is a most fitting time to nourish ourselves during this stressful time of quarantine. It will give all of us something *positive* to focus on.

Whole 30 veterans and first timers are welcome!

Ready to Join?

Please fill out this Intake Form.

Please complete this Consent and Waiver Form (Adobe) or this version (Google Form)

Cost of program: $150, please Venmo (@Stephanie-Cahill-1) or PayPal (

Two scholarships available, please connect with me to learn more!


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