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January 2021 Whole 30 Group

*12/1/20 Update: Grief is difficult and unpredictable. My first Thanksgiving this year without either parent took the wind out of my sails. To support my mental health, I am postponing this group and hope to open another group later in the year. xoxo Stephanie

Let's Go! January is my absolute FAVORITE time of the year to do a Whole30!

It's suffice to say that 2020 was a year of all years. Let's start the new year on a HIGH note with healthy habits, community, and delicious recipes. I want 2021 to be a year where I feel grounded, restored, and energized. I want that for you too! Let's kick off January of sound mind and heart. There will be a strong emphasis of self-care and community care also weaved in.

What is a Whole30? A 30 day reset of eliminating potentially problematic food groups and replacing them with whole, real foods 100%, for 30 days. We will eat focus on eating vegetables, fruits, animal proteins, seafood, nuts, seeds, and healthy fats. We will be avoiding sugar, gluten, alcohol, dairy, and soy. This does require effort, but you CAN do it. You are worth it. We are in a moment in time where we recognize more than ever that health is wealth. What is the Whole30 not? Whole30 is NOT a diet, a crash weight loss program, or a quick fix. In fact Whole30 is what helped me break the damage of two decades of diet culture that played in my head. It's helped me re-evaluate my relationship with food, and HOW to feed myself (and my family) healthfully and deliciously.

In my group you will find:

  • Accountability 💯

  • Motivation & Enthusiasm

  • Camaraderie & Friendship

  • Self-Care & Community Care

  • Recipe Inspiration & Tutorials

  • Exclusive curated Giveaways

  • Weekly Zoom Calls (+ incredible Guest Speakers)

This year I'm psyched to host my first group on a platform that is NOT Facebook. Think less noise, less drama-- more community, more intentional. It's called "Who Quits Healthy?" on the Mighty Networks platform. Once you're in, I will invite you into this private group.


Prep week begins: 12/27

Day 1 of Whole30: 1/1/21

Reintroduction: through 2/9


$100 for 7 weeks of support ($2/day) Payable via Venmo, PayPal, or Zelle. My email is:

*Early Bird Special* Get in early AND give while doing so!

For those who enroll now through Giving Tuesday, 12/1/21, I will donate $20 per person to Patti's Red Nails in your name. PRN is a non-profit created in honor of my Mom, Patti, to keep her spirit of generosity alive. We provide resources for deserving women to access much-needed self-care experiences. Give yourself the gift of a healthy January AND pay it forward for someone else! To learn more about PRN, please visit:

If this group is financially not possible for you right now, please contact me for scholarship opportunities. If you're in a place to contribute to a scholarship for someone else, please let me know. I am so appreciative and a huge advocate of paying it forward. I thank you in advance!

Ready to Sign up?

1) Please fill out this Google Intake Form

2) Please review Consent and Waiver within the above Form, or available here.

3) Payment to Zelle, PayPal, or Venmo

Why Whole30 with a Coach?

Whole30 is a free program, accessible to ALL with the complete program and rules on, which is exactly where I started with it 4 years ago. We also know that habit research tell us that accountability is one of the main contributing factors to achieving lasting behavior change. In my own experience I've found this to be true. It's far easier and lighter for me to embark on a new challenge in community with others. With this group, you'll find expertise with a trusted veteran to help navigate you through your Whole30 whether it's your first round or fifth. Let's be honest, it is challenging to commit to whole real foods for 30 days- especially when we live in a culture that promotes otherwise. A rising tide lifts all boats is one of my favorite mantras. Let's do this together! You can read my Coach Bio on Whole30's website here.

Why did I become a Coach?

After leading a local group in Windham, NH for years and having completed 5 rounds of Whole30 now, I felt called to become a Certified Coach. I found Whole30 when I was burning the candle on both ends to care for my son with significant needs. My husband and I teamed up to do a Whole30 in January 2017 and found improved energy levels, mood, quality of sleep, and way more kitchen confidence. Additionally, I weave in elements of self-care and growth mindset tools to help families function at their best. As a nurse and a mom, I enjoy helping others and I feel Whole30 coaching is an extension of that passion. I love the old adage: "Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime." I hope the lessons you learn from your Whole30 round will be lessons you can carry forward in your life for years.

Here's a great article on WHY working with a Certified Coach is a great investment. I feel honored and proud to be in such company with fellow Certified Coaches. What's involved to get Certified? Whole30 is very stringent on who they accept into the program. Once accepted, a difficult Exam, short answer questions, community project, and interview are done. This process took me several months to complete. I also carry professional liability insurance in order to practice as a Certified Coach. I am one of ~200 incredible Coaches worldwide. The personal growth that has come from joining the Whole30 HQ Community has been incredibly valuable and I've met several fantastic friends along the way. HQ has really impressed me this year with their annual Community Summit, extensive DEI work, and resources provided to us Coaches. I am so thankful to be in with this incredible group of colleagues.

Please read testimonies below from women in my May Whole30 group, which was specific to women in the special needs community. 💗

Testimony from Client S.M.

"I remember saying to a friend of mine “Did you see Stephanie Cahill is leading a Whole30 group for special needs parents?” I felt like I wanted to try it, but I had so many reservations: 1. The money (not that the group was six figures or anything, but right after being furloughed, it seemed impossible), 2. The “Labels”. I was really unsure about jumping into a “Special Needs” group. I hadn’t yet really accepted the title of Special Needs Mama, and was nervous I wouldn’t fit into the group. Let me tell you, Stephanie is AMAZING! She worked out a scholarship for me, and got started right away on spoiling all of us for weeks! Not only did she provide personalized and group support on a daily basis, she added a weekly zoom call, gave us all the chance to meet Teri Turner, sent us compliant treats, goodies, cookbooks, and little notes of inspiration all the time. I’ve never felt so loved by someone I’ve never actually met in person (Although I feel like I have!) I had been so nervous about the label aspect, but it was so comforting to have other mamas who were going through the same things—we could all commiserate together about the dreaded tele-therapy sessions, and share bits of wisdom we picked up along our journeys.

I really loved the social aspect of the group, and getting to know everyone so well. It really kept me in check on the food piece. This group really helped me fall in love with the Whole30—from prep days when we all compared our carts and shared promo codes to those last days of reintroduction, figuring out what “worked” for our bodies. The accountability was unmatched to any other group I’ve ever participated in.

One of the things I loved most about Stephanie’s leadership style is that she brought everything back to self-care. She introduced me to new techniques, new people and new ways to relax (I still do “legs up the wall” regularly!). The Self Care Bingo card was my favorite—it forced me to do little things that seemed lost to the pandemic, like painting my nails and taking a bath.

The most moving day for me was in the first few weeks when Stephanie presented us with a visualization exercise. It was really moving for me, and to be perfectly honest I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I ended up working it into my therapy goals to further work on my self-care and mental health. I’m so grateful that I got the opportunity to work with Stephanie and her first Whole30 group. She is truly a gem, and I can't wait for more from her!" - Client S.M.


Testimony from Client J.M.

"I had a wonderful experience completing the Whole 30 in Stephanie’s group. Stephanie is such an effective group leader, providing daily online group conversations and weekly virtual calls. She makes sure to focus on encouraging everyone to realize and celebrate their victories- both big and small. Aside from food conversation, recipe sharing and product recommendations; the emphasis on self care was so significant. I really felt that I was filling my cup daily by following the prompts for emotional grounding that Stephanie provided. I continue to use the strategies taught by Stephanie in my day-to-day life. Stephanie is so approachable, both within the group and individually. She is always available to answers to questions, provide information and for pep talks/encouragement. I highly recommend participating in a Whole 30 group with Stephanie if you are looking for extra support during your food freedom journey!" - Client J.M.


Testimony from Client S.E.

"I participated in Stephanie’s Whole30 group in May and it was a wonderful experience. I had completed several rounds of Whole30 prior to this one, but I was drawn to Stephanie’s focus on self care and our shared experience of raising a son with special needs. She came through with a strong focus on many aspects of self care along with a string knowledge of the program. She was always quick to respond with a clear answer and kind support. I would recommend anyone who is interested in doing a Whole30 join Stephanie’s group if you are hoping for an experience that will be supportive, educational, and fun!" -Client S.E.

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