Whole30 Coach Offerings

Hi! I’m Stephanie Cahill, a Boston area native, now living in Jupiter, FL with my family and dog. I’m a proud mother to my disabled son Ben, and neuro-typical daughter Rose, as well as an experienced oncology nurse.

I found Whole30 when I was burning the candle on both ends to care for my son with significant needs. I found improved energy levels, mental health gains, and more confidence in the kitchen. My strengths as a Coach are accountability, ongoing motivation, and practical tips to help you complete your Reset with ease. I also weave in a strong emphasis of self-care to help families function at their best.

As a Certified Oncology R.N. and caregiver to my son, I recognize that oftentimes we’re the ones most in need of TLC so we can best provide for our loved ones and patients. If you’re along putting the needs of others before your own, I’d love to connect so we can best support each other. I believe in strength in numbers. As an oncology nurse and someone who has experienced the loss of both parents, I have the keen appreciation that health is wealth, and time is our most valuable asset.

My passion of helping others is my life’s work, and Whole30 coaching is an extension of that passion. I’d be honored to be a part of your Whole30 journey. I share on Instagram @cleanerstephanie with Whole30 and "Food Freedom" simple recipes, favorite products, and more.

My offerings include virtual one to one coaching, small group coaching, and in-person consultations including pantry clean outs, shopping services, and meal prep in South Florida.

You can find my Whole30 Bio page here: https://coach.whole30.com/coach/stephanie-cahill/